12 ways to Pack smartly, Travel smartly & not feel carrying a cupboard!

We all love to travel & explore places. But have you ever given a thought that the baggage we take with us hampers our energy & memories just because you have to carry it everywhere. There is no denying that only you have to carry it for yourself, so why not make it light & travel freely all around.

No chik-chik, no jhik-jhik.

Let’s delve into how you should make the maximum productive use of every inch available inside your bag without carrying those extra clothes which you never wear on the trip.

“You see some clothes just hang around with you in your trip & comeback home safely without getting touched. But the best part is, they travelled a new place”

So there is no point taking those extras, you can still get a coolie at the station or a carrier at airport, but in your hotel room, it’s you who have to pick that suitcase up & keep on the bed (Bad Practice though! I just said it, I don’t do it, neither should you)


Manage stuffs in a way that brings out the best in you, avoiding hassles of planning days before on what to take & what to leave behind. Just pack & leave by following these simple guidelines. It is not a standard one-size-fits all, but more or less common to every traveller. It also depends on the type of travel like leisure, business, adventure or any other type of excursion.

1. Always keep your clothes folded in a proper way & not jumbled like you have just thrown them in a dustbin. Folded & well-kept clothes yield more space.

2. Take a maximum of 2 pair of Jeans (keep in mind that you are wearing one while travelling), as these are immortal products which never expire nor they retire (we say rough & tough), until you try to tear one yourself to make it look fashionable. You can wear lots of Tees on a single pair of jeans.

3. Always place your Jeans or Towel at the base of the travelling bag, as they are somewhat sturdy pieces of items that are used the least when you are on the move.

4. If you have a hotel booking or are going to make one, the towel you carry becomes redundant, as it is already provided by the hotel. So be sure to avoid carrying it for no reason.

5. Take Handkerchiefs & not cloth napkins, as they are made of pure cotton, dry easily & beyond a doubt slimmer when folded well. Cloth Napkins on the other hand look stuffy.

6. Keep all your toiletries in a well-maintained kit & not plastic bags. The reason behind is plastics bags assume the shape of the stuff kept within, which looks very bad & shabby plus it has a risk of getting torn which may lead to liquids oozing out of it, while kits have more space, have sections according to the things you want on your travel, like shaving kit, toothbrush, toothpaste, face creams, cosmetics etc.

7. Keep paper soaps and not a full soap, to wash your hands. This will save a lot of space as paper soaps are nothing but thin sheets.

8. Keep more T-Shirts rather than Shirts, as they are easy to fold & are comparatively lighter. Shirts on the other hand, are clumsy to maintain, as they have to be kept-well till arrival (as you can’t risk wearing a shabby looking shirt when you arrive, but t-shirts mostly remain intact)

9. The biggest load of all, your footwear. Try to take cloth-made footwear (canvas shoes) over leather-ones as they are light in weight & easy to carry & fold. If you are going to wear just one pair throughout your journey (not recommended at all, as it might stink after a few days), then you can wear the same while you travel & not keeping in the travel bag. Take a max of 2 pairs of footwear (again wearing one while traveling)

10. If you traveling to a cold climate destination, wear a handy jacket on way to avoid stuffing it your baggage. Even if you have to put it in your bag, don’t fold, rather keep it open, as it takes more space when folded & becomes bulky.

11. If you require a neck pillow, carry ones which can be inflated at the time of use. Cushion neck pillows take unnecessary space when not in use.

12. Do not carry heavy DSLR’s (forget this point if you are obsessed with your thing or are a professional photographer) if you have got a worthy smart phone camera. These days mobile cameras are well equipped and they take superb pictures.

P.S. According to different travel styles, airlines come up with estimated baggage you carry on their flights by doing an analysis of what travellers mostly carry in their bags. This table helps you to plan out & save your money on extra weight. This is highly recommended for people who look for weighing machines after packing their suitcases, and guessing how much will the suitcase weigh? Any guesses?

You might have never come across this table below. (I mean come on, who weighs clothes & other travel stuffs! Ridiculous!) So I weighed it for you, to decide how much you can carry.

Items Weight (in Kg)
A Jacket 1-1.5
A Pair of Jeans 0.4
A Shirt / T-shirt 0.1
A Typical Empty Suitcase 3-4
A Travel Backpack 1.5-2.5
A Shoe Pair (Cloth) 0.75-1
A Shoe Pair (Leather) 1.5-2
A Shoe Pair (Running Shoes) 1-1.5
A Laptop 2-2.5
A DSLR Camera 0.75-1.25
A Travel Kit 0.5
A Towel 0.25-0.5
A Leather Belt 0.2


From the table above, you can easily figure out your post-packing suitcase weight sitting at home.

If you are travelling for a wedding, thanks for reading so far, none of this applies on you. 🙂

The only suggestion is to travel by train or road, so that you won’t get charged for that extra luggage.

I tried to cover most of the essentials which these days traveller carry. Let me know your experiences about packing, I am sure you will be having some crazy ideas. Comment below & spread it to the world.



  1. Very useful and practical problem oriented article ,which every traveller must read and follow.A smal first aid kit may be carried in traveling.Thanx mr dheeraj.

    1. Thanks for your comment Dr K C Pant! Yes, a handy first aid kit is very important. My bad i missed it.

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