Hello readers!  Welcome to the blog!

I am Dheeraj Kohli.  A folk who loves to write!

“An enthusiast, avid-reader, hunts for knowledge, lives with basics, challenges status quo!”

A pen is mightier than the sword” aptly says about why blogs exist.

I love to travel & explore places, dont’ like to stay at one place for too long, there is so much to cover in this globe. Why wait!

Welcome to a gateway of expressions, journeys, experiences, endless wish list & creating positive vibes!

This blog space is born with the idea to capture stories of real people of all type, genre, moods, passions & purpose which eventually helps in creating a knowledge base where you get answers to even the most irrelevant of questions (Yes!)

This is how certain journeys take shape. I found new passion in writing about experiences, telling people about journeys unexplored and compelling them to take never-thought-of paths. It is all about helping & guiding others to let people know, that they are much more than what they actually think about themselves.

Here you will read on the topics which provide insight & information. The blog portrays my personal views. To start with, I will be focusing on Travel, Travel Essentials, Travel Stories.

A space where my pen (sorry keypad) will work for my readers. The motive behind each & every blog is to make audience equipped with eye-catchers along by writing thought-provoking articles.

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Suggestions / Feedbacks are always welcome as that is the best way to interact. 🙂

Life is a journey, waiting to be explored!

Stay tuned, the journey has just begun!